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The Luck of the Irish

The Black Donnellys St. Paddy's Day Ficathon

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This is the comm for The Black Donnellys St. Patrick's Day ficathon. (Well, "ficathon" is a misnomer, because artists can participate, too.)

The guidelines are simple.


1. Fics or art have to relate to NBC's The Black Donnellys and must somehow relate to St. Patrick's Day. Interpret that as you will. Stories don't have to be about the holiday; they can be about the spirit of the holiday -- the boys' luck (or lack thereof), drunken debauchery, bar fights, and heck, even AUs about the Donnellys in Ireland.

2. Fics have to be at least 100 words long. Art can be anything, even icons.

3. Submissions are due Sunday, March 18, 2007 (the day after St. Patrick's Day, to give everyone a hangover grace period). You can post your fic or art anytime from now 'til then.

4. Have fun with it!