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the black donnellys: another bag of bricks (ensemble, pg13)

Title: Another bag of bricks
Author: technosage
Characters: Joey Ice Cream, Tommy/Jenny, Tommy/Kate, Tommy/Kevin if you want it, ensemble.
Rating: PG13, language, adult themes.
Word Count: 11,508
Spoilers/Warnings: general spoilers through "The One Thing Sure"
Disclaimer: Not mine, of course.
Summary: By the time he killed Huey Farrell and Sal Minetta, St. Paddy's Day was one of the worst days of Tommy Donnelly's year. And like most of the trouble in Tommy Donnelly's life, it had everything to do with his family.
A/n: written for tbd_stpaddys, and late because, well, life was lifier than usual last month.

Tommy knew when he'd gotten in over his head. It was one of the things that separated him from Jimmy. But knowing you're drowning and staying afloat are different skills, and Tommy was still pretty new at swimming with the sharks.

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Guys, lets not give up on hope. Take 10 seconds to sign the official petition and do your part to contact NBC and make your voice be heard. Just one person can make all the difference in the world.

Petition = http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/Donnellys#sign

NBC contact info as aquired from the official Black Donnellys Myspace is as follows:

By phone: 212-664-4444
By email: nbcshows@nbc.com

Do your part; make a difference.

You lose nothing trying.
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tbd_stpaddys fic/art roundup!

A great big thank you from us here at tbd_stpaddys to everyone who participated, whether it was submitting prompts, writing fic, making graphics, or feedbacking the writers/artists! Here's a list of what was generated during our run:


- Tommy, Jenny, and Joey cartoon by slowdescent_
- Icons by crooked


- I Find A Map and Draw A Straight Line (Tommy, PG) by unperfectwolf
- Kiss Me, I'm Irish (Tommy/Jenny, PG-13) by debc
- Saint's Day Apology (Tommy/Kevin, NC-17) by eboniorchid
- communion cups and someone else's wine (Kevin/Tommy, PG-13) by forgotnsuitcase
- For I Have Sinned (Tommy/Kevin, NC-17) by lucentliz
- Share (Kevin/Tommy, NC-17) by schneestern
- pulling apron strings (Tommy/Jenny, R) by fated_addiction
- at the trees (Tommy/Kevin, Tommy/Jenny, R) by sanyin
- The Safe Money (Kevin, Tommy, PG) by wickedprincess3
- But You Stay So Cool (Joey/Kevin, R) by immoralilly
- And the World Keeps Spinning (Kevin/Tommy, NC-17) by txtequilanights
- Salt over your shoulder (Kevin, PG-13) by lyra_wing
- Wincing the Night Away (Jimmy/Jenny, T) by myherodrowning
- Shake on Your Luck (Supernatural crossover - Kevin, Dean, PG-13) by amchara

Quite a haul! And you are welcome to post any late submissions, but we are technically "closed" for the year. Thanks again everyone!

Black Donnellys, Supernatural Cross-over Fic: Shake on Your Luck

Sorry! I know this is late!

Title: Shake on Your Luck
Author: amchara
Fandom(s): Black Donnellys, Supernatural crossover
Rating/Pairing/Characters: Kevin Donnelly, Dean Winchester -- gen, PG-13
Author’s Notes/warnings: 3,500 words. Written for tbd_stpaddys ficathon. Set pre-series for both shows, so I'd say spoilers only for the pilot episodes of both. Thanks to brynwulf for giving this a quick look-over.

Summary: A Donnelly, a Winchester and a leprechaun walk into a bar...

Stop me if you've heard this one before.
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Wincing the Night Away [Jimmy/Jenny]

Title: Wincing the Night Away
Rating: T
Pairing: Jimmy/Jenny
Spoilers: Basically, if you watch the show, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with reading this fic.
Warnings: Mild language, (allusions to) sex.
Author's Notes: Challenge “five reasons why getting drunk was such a bad idea.” Written for tbd_stpaddys

They watched each other as the alcohol burned their throats, and maybe it was only Jenny who realized that the alcohol wasn’t the only thing burning.
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But You Stay So Cool

Title: But You Stay So Cool
Author: immoralilly
Pairing: Joey Ice Cream/Kevin Donnelly
Rating: R
Word Count: 852 words
Summary: Joey and Kevin Donnelly go way back.

Notes: Many thanks to the lovely schneestern for the original bunny, the encouragement and for looking over it and telling me that it didn't utterly suck. She rocks.

(Kevin and I, we’ve always had a special bond, mainly because he’s always owed me something.)
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Title: The Safe Money
By Evette (wickedprincess3 at gmail.com)
Fandom: The Black Donnellys
Summary: Tommy is the sure thing. [983 words]
Pairing: Kevin, Tommy (gen)
Rating: PG (language)
A/N (1): For tbd_stpaddys, the prompt "The one bet Kevin will never make."
A/N (2): Thanks to fabricatedvoice for the beta work.
Disclaimer: Property of NBC, Paul Haggis, Bobby Moresco, and so on.

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